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Richard Kingston has produced over 300 instruments, all grounded in the best of the styles and techniques of the historic makers. Kingston and his instruments have been featured in articles published in Southern Living and Southern Accents magazines. The Best Report surveyed harpsichord makers and ranked the work of Richard Kingston with the top few of all extant makers. He has lectured on harpsichord construction techniques and styles, has served on numerous workshop faculties and has been the subject of an interview by the award-winning radio news magazine All Things Considered broadcast by National Public Radio. In 1991, Richard Kingston received the Spivey Award for Excellence in Instrument Building. The jurors were unanimous in their decision to award him top honors.

Numerous recordings and concerts have featured Kingston harpsichords and most noted harpsichordists have performed on them.

Kingston harpsichords may be found in homes, in churches and in leading music schools throughout the United States, from the University of Georgia to the Manhattan School of Music to Beverly Hills, California. Kingston harpsichords have been exported to Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, demonstrating the truly international reputation of both the instruments and the builder.

The motto "do one thing and do it well" is central to the work of Richard Kingston. Relatively few instrument models have emerged from his shop through the years. However, each of those models has been carefully honed and refined to meet the exacting standards of Kingston, always achieving notable tone, sensitive actions, beauty and reliability within the context of careful adaptations of the best historic designs and techniques.

In addition to the steady completion of new pieces, the Kingston shop also provides older, reconditioned harpsichords of the highest quality and reputation. A listing service is now available for those wanting to buy or sell historic keyboard instruments. Please contact us for details if you wish to receive the mailings or offer your instrument for sale.

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Partial list of Kingston Harpsichord clients
Current models and purchasing info

Partial list of clients

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